5 Marketing Tips to Learn from King Arthur Flour

How King Arthur Flour Made Me Brand Loyal

When I was taking marketing classes in college, having brand loyal customers was the ideal. These were the customers that purchased your brand automatically without thinking about all the other options. You didn't have to work for their money anymore, they just automatically chose your product. Ideal, right? But how do you get people to that status?  

When I recently went to my grocery store and found myself standing in the baking aisle, looking for a particular brand of flour that costs more than all the other brands, it got me wondering how I even got to this point. How did King Arthur Flour get me to seek out their brand and spend more on their flour? And I'm not even a very good baker! 

Below you will find the five things King Arthur does right with their marketing and how they took me from off-brand to flour snob. 

Check out these 5 things King Arthur is doing to create loyal customers and see how you can copy them.

1. They have a fantastic product

On the front page of King Arthur Flour's website they say this:  

King Arthur Flour: the professional’s choice, the home baker’s best friend.

Just that statement alone makes me think that this flour is the best flour to use and it will enhance whatever I am making. They are providing credibility for their product and providing a reason why you might want to purchase their brand over another brand. 

And let me just say, after doing quite a bit of research on flour during my "I want to be able to make really great bread" phase, there is a lot more to flour than what you might think. And King Arthur really is fantastic flour used by professionals. If I'm making something that takes more than 30 minute to make like croissants (they take three days to make) I'm not going to risk the recipe not turning out because I didn't spend $2 more on flour at the store! 

TIP: If you want to demand a higher price for your product, create a product worthy of that price and explain the value your customer will receive from choosing you. 


If you head to the King Arthur site, look at any of their social media accounts, or subscribe to their newsletter, you'll quickly find that they rarely talk about flour. They provide endless recipes to try, offer top notch cooking and baking supplies, and even provide "Holiday Survival Guides." 


I would have never thought twice about this brand if I weren't looking up recipes on how to make french bread. Providing value to your customers, long before they are ready to purchase, is SO valuable in the age of the internet. We search for everything. The sooner you can start talking to your customer and the more value you can provide them prior to them spending any money, the more likely they will be to think of you and give you money in the future 

TIP: What can you be providing to your customers before they are ready to purchase from you? How can you show up in front of them early on in the purchasing process? Figure out what things your customers need and value and give it to them!  


I'm a graphic designer, so I have to give a nod to their beautiful design work. Every image I see from them is beautifully styled and makes me want to run out to buy the ingredients to make the food featured. We live during a time that imagery is important. People spend hours cruising through beautiful images on Pinterest and Instagram. If your images are poorly lit, awkwardly styled, or hard to understand, they won't effectively reach your audience. 

Also, their website is wonderfully laid out considering the amount of content they provide on it. Any site that can be easily navigated that has products for sale, a whole arsenal of recipes, video tutorials, and a blog gets an A+ in my book. Think through how your customer thinks, what they want when they land on your page, and design from there! 


Making pizza is always more fun with a friend (to take your picture)! Tag your favorite pizza making buddy.

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TIP: You don't have to hire a photographer for everything that you create. There are tons of resources online these days explaining how to take beautiful pictures with your iPhone. Just take a little time to learn and put into a practice a few tips and you'll be all set. 

4. They seem like a wise mentor

Maybe it's just me, but baking seems like something that takes years of practice to perfect. Many of us have memories of baking with family members at a young age; learning the ins and outs of how to make the perfect cookie or pie crust. There are tons of tips and tricks that you learn along the way that effect the outcome of your recipes.  

King Arthur Flour has tapped into that nostalgic way of viewing baking and, I'm not even joking, they have a phone number you can call if you have a baking question and need help. It's like having expert grandma on speed dial.  But they don't stop there. They have tons of video tutorials, baking guides, and tips at the bottom of the recipes. They go above and beyond and really become your partner in baking, not just your flour supplier.  


TIP: How can you show your expertise and bring a friendly and personal vibe to your business? Become a helpful partner to your customer rather than trying to sell at all times. 

5. They are socially responsible and a great company to work for

If the first four things on this list haven't made you fall in love with King Arthur Flour yet, this last one should.

They are a company with a heart. They care about the environment, their community, their product, and their employees. You can read about all those things on their website and they have received numerous awards for their products and work place.

In addition to those things, they recently had a "Bake for Good" pledge. You pledge to simply bake and they donate the cost for Feeding America® to supply 1 meal*. I could go on and on about the good they are doing, but the point is, they aren't all about themselves. In every aspect of their business they are giving back, helping, teaching, and educating their customers. They are a company you want to get behind and support because they are doing good in the world! 

TIP: What good could you provide to the world without hoping for something in return? Maybe it is simply researching where your products are produced. Maybe you can host a free training day on something you are good at. The opportunities are endless and it is important to remember that good business isn't always about increasing profit at all costs.  

Believe it or not, all these opinions are my own and I wasn't given anything to express my love for King Arthur Flour. Hopefully these tips will be helpful to you as you market your products. I'd love to know in the comments if you are doing any of these things and how it is going! 

5 Marketing Tips from my favorite flour company, King Arthur Flour