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Branding In The Details

I frequently pretend to be, or at least daydream about being, a detective. I love watching crime solving shows and trying to guess who the culprit was before it is revealed. I’m currently reading about 5 different series of mystery novels. And I make up random mysteries to solve around my house. Believe me, my husband can’t get away with too much without me knowing.

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COMO gopo Branding

GOPO is a company located in Columbia, Missouri that is full of personality and spunk. They are on a mission to create some of the most unique and flavorful popcorn you could get your hands on. When they approached me to help with their branding, I was thrilled.

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Karis Church Branding

I worked with a small team at Karis Church to update their logo and branding to create a simplified logo that will hopefully last them for years to come. Along with the logo, we created branding guidelines to follow for any materials created for Karis Church.

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