COMO gopo Branding


GOPO is a company located in Fulton, Missouri that is full of personality and spunk. They are on a mission to create some of the most unique and flavorful popcorn you could get your hands on. When they approached me to help with their branding, I was thrilled. We started with the logo and as you can see from the options below, that actually decided to combine two of the options below to come up with their preferred logo. The


Once we settled on a logo, next we worked to get the overall tone and feel they were going for through the fonts, colors, and fun popcorn details. Below is the branding we landed on. Although color was a must, I still wanted to make sure the look was worthy of the title "Gourmet Popcorn." We kept the palette and images fun and lively.

If you are looking for a new snack, be sure to hop of to their website, which I also designed! They offer a monthly subscription and you get popcorn delivered straight to your door!

Along with branding and packaging, I helped them with product photography and social media graphics. I took fun photos of the popcorn and some of the ingredients and added some of their brand accents onto the images.