Designing PrimGoods Packaging

PrimGoods is a line of products produced by the women of Primrose Hill Teen Challenge. You can read all about them here. I got the opportunity to work with them through a previous job at the Missouri Golf Post and have had a great time developing materials for them.


Their logo was already created, so developing a color palette was easy. Look at all those beautiful colors to choose from! It also made the decision for background colors fairly easy. If your logo has multiple colors in it, ranging from dark to light, a colored background is pretty difficult to work with. So from the very start I wanted to keep the background either white or a very light color.

I was initially brought in to help create the product labels. They wanted the outside to look as high quality as the inside was. They couldn’t get the price point they wanted if the user doesn't perceive the product is worth that, and their first interaction with it will be with the packaging. So we kept the background very neutral with pops of color from the logo.

I have since developed several other materials for them to use in their marketing. You can see the fully branded results below.


I would encourage you all to check out their website! Not only is it a fantastic cause, the products are great as well! They would be perfect gifts for friends and family! So hop over there and browse around.

Branding, case studyLaura Schembre