Annual Report Design

I've never worked on an Annual Report that didn't take way longer than expected and cause me to pull my hair out. But this year, the MOREnet Annual Report was fun and filled with illustrations, so that definitely helped keep me motivated along the way. Check out the mock ups below! 


Here are some of the icons used throughout the report. 


2018 Tech Tips Calendar

This year at MOREnet, we decided to send out a calendar to our members instead of a holiday card that just gets tossed in the trash. Each month has a different technology tip and we added in several pages that served more as marketing opportunities throughout the calendar. Take a look at the mockups below! 

Here is a look at all the various pages used throughout the calendar. Each page features a different illustration I created to visually represent the tip that is included. 

The tips were also made into images that can easily be shared throughout the year on the MOREnet social media channels. 

Mural at MOREnet's Immersive Learning Lab

I was recently asked to paint a mural at the MOREnet Immersive Learning Lab (The MILL), which is a Makerspace training space in my town. The idea behind the MILL is to provide teachers and other administrators a place to come experience and learn about new and exciting technology. They have 3D printers, little robots, a zspace (which is amazing), an HTC Vive, and other really great technology. 


The space is also meant to be a space that is super flexible and useable for all types of groups and classes. The furniture is moveable and can be arranged however you need it to work. It is just a fun and exciting space and I was thrilled to be a part of it. 

Stay tuned, because once I was done with this mural, I painted another!