Here is a round up of some of my favorite products. Please note that some of these may be affiliate links, but all are quality products! 



I love hosting my videos on Vimeo. There are no ads, privacy options, and generally feels like higher quality videos.


I do all of my designing within the Adobe Creative Suite. You can just get one product or the entire suite and I guarantee you will use it all the time.


I love the Squarespace platform because it is super user friendly and easy to design. It also offers tons of flexibility. It might not be for EVERY website, but it certainly will work for most.


I do most of my printing through StationeryHQ and think they are great. They have a variety of paper options and a wide range of products to choose from. Great for notecards, business cards, or custom invites or stickers.


Find helpful tips for your business and website as well as detailed tutorials if you are looking to do a little DIY designing over at the blog.


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Templates are great, but if you want a custom design as unique as your business, let’s work together!

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